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About Us

Cuané is the first vegan restaurant in Michigan City, Indiana.

Cuané is a start-up vegan restaurant that serves American style, vegan food, including burgers, milkshakes, and desserts with the mission to combat the inaccessibility of delicious vegan food options.

When it comes to eating healthy and tasty vegan food, there are not many options which also satisfy your taste buds. At Cuané, we take this compromise out of the equation as we believe that life is incomplete without a great taste.

Our recipes are designed to provide a perfect balance between taste and vegan preferences. To make this possible, we use innovative recipes and ingredients to provide healthy food that’s always delicious.


At Cuané, we aim to make delicious vegan food accessible for everybody. We believe in creating a warm and friendly space for you to have a great time, with the ultimate goal of creating a better world through mindful food choices.

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